What Do I Do With?

Check the list below to see how to get rid of your materials.

All items in an open bed truck/trailer need to be  secured and covered with a tarp.

Aggregate Back to top

We accept Aggregate including, but not limited to:

Brick & Base
Crushed Stone

$12.00 minimum charge for loads 640 lbs. or less.  If the load exceeds 640 lbs. you will be charged $5.00/ton.

Please note our tarping policy.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

Ammunition/Explosives Back to top


Ammunition, flares and other explosive devices and material must be taken to a law enforcement agency.

Call the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department at (920) 832-5605.


Appliances Back to top

We accept Appliances including, but not limited to:

Air Conditioner
Water Cooler/Bubbler
Water Heater

$15.00 each

Please note our tarping policy.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

Asbestos Back to top

Asbestos fibers are known as a human carcinogen. Lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis have been proven to result from asbestos exposure.

Examples of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) include:
Asphalt Roofing
Pipe Insulation
Resilient floor covering
Sprayed on fire proofing
Tiled sound insulation materials
Transite© rigid exterior siding and boards

Category I Non-Friable material is pliable (not brittle), breaks by tearing rather than fracturing and does not easily release asbestos fibers upon breaking.

Category II Non-Friable material cannot be crumbled to powder by hand pressure, may not be pliable and may release asbestos fiber upon breaking.

Friable material can be crumbled to a powder by hand pressure, has little structural strength and contains asbestos fibers that are readily released upon breaking.

How can I dispose of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM)?
Facility owners and/or operators involved in demolition and renovation activities are required to inspect the affected facility before attempting to remove any asbestos, file proper notification and handle/dispose of asbestos properly.

Commercial customers are required to provide test data and a manifest to the scale operator when bringing materials to the landfill.

How should I transport Asbestos Containing Material (ACM)?
Category I Non-Friable material may be in bulk covered containers or contained with sheet plastic/tarps to minimize the risk of materials becoming airborne.

Category II Non-Friable material may be transported in bulk covered containers, but must be wetted as needed to control dust and prevent spilling.

Friable Asbestos must be moistened and bagged prior to transport.

Dump Trailers of asbestos containing material will be required to unload in the landfill.

Click here if you have additional questions regarding Asbestos disposal.

Friable Asbestos – $365.50/ton – $25.00 Minimum Charge
Non-Friable Asbestos – $65.50/ton – $25.00 Minimum Charge

Enter Gate #3.  Use Lane #1.

Asphalt Shingles Back to top

We accept Asphalt Shingles.

$12.00 minimum charge for 640 lbs or less.  If the load exceeds 640 lbs., you will be charged $37.00/ton. 

Please note our tarping policy.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

Batteries Back to top

We accept all batteries at our drop-off location including, but not limited to the following:

Lead Acid Vehicle: Are banned from landfill disposal and MUST be recycled.

Rechargeable: Recycling is highly encouraged.

Alkaline: (single use, non-rechargeable) Are not considered toxic and may also be disposed of in your regular garbage.

Free of charge

Never put batteries in the recycling bin!

For more information on batteries visit the Wisconsin DNR website.

Bulbs/Ballasts Back to top

All fluorescent bulbs, including compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL’s), contain small amounts of mercury.

We accept the following bulbs and ballasts including, but not limited to:

Fluorescent Bulbs
CFL’s – $0.50 each
4 ft. or less – $0.50 each
5 ft. or over – $1.00 each

Ballasts and Miscellaneous Bulbs
 $2.50 each

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

Construction/Demolition Back to top

We accept Construction and Demolition Waste including, but not limited to:

Vinyl Siding

$12.00 minimum charge for 640 lbs. or less. If the load exceeds 640 lbs., you will be charged $37.00/ton.

Please note our tarping policy.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

Cooking Oil Back to top

Disposal instructions for Used Cooking Oil from households:

Consider asking your favorite restaurant to add your used cooking oil to their collection.

For Large Amounts:
Mix cooled cooking oil with an absorbent material such as kitty litter or oil dry. Dispose of the material in the regular garbage.
For Small Amounts:
Pour cooled cooking oil over your household garbage.  The garbage will absorb the oil.



Electronics Back to top

We accept the following Electronics banned from landfill disposal from households and public schools:

Cell Phones – Free of Charge
Computer Tower and Laptops – $5.00 each
DVD/VCR/Video Players – Free of Charge
Keyboard/Mice/Speakers/Modems/Other – Free of Charge
Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Fax Machines$5.00 each
Televisions/Monitors (screen size 31” or smaller) – $20.00 each
Televisions/Monitors (screen size 32” or larger) – $40.00 each

For Dismantled or Business Electronics disposal click here.

Wisconsin DNR E-Waste brochure.

Please note our tarping policy.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

Fire Extinguishers Back to top

We accept Fire Extinguishers from Outagamie County residents at our hazardous waste collections.

Fire Extinguishers are also accepted free of charge at Cintas Fire Protection.

Hazardous Waste Back to top

The Hazardous Waste Collection Program allows Outagamie County residents, including all of Appleton and New London, to dispose of their hazardous materials safely and properly free of charge.

Click here for 2017 collection dates/times and to schedule an appointment.

If you have immediate disposal needs November through April, you may take your hazardous materials directly to the Brown County Hazardous Waste Facility free of charge.  Call (920) 492-4950 for program details.


Gasoline/Fuel Additives
Brake, Starter & Transmission Fluids
Engine Oil/Anti-Freeze
Lead Acid Batteries
Drain & Oven Cleaners
Pool Chemicals
Household Cleaners
Polishes & Aerosols
Oil & Lead Paints
Paint Thinners/Strippers
Spray Paints/Adhesives
Wood Preservatives
Garden & Lawn Care:
Weed Killer


Business Hazardous Waste Disposal
We do not accept business hazardous waste. Click here to for business hazardous waste disposal instructions.

Holiday Lights/Extension Cords Back to top

We accept Strings of Lights and Extension Cords our drop-off location.

Do not put in your curbside recycling bin.

Free of Charge.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

Household Garbage Back to top

We accept Household Garbage including, but not limited to:

Pet Waste

$12.00 minimum charge for 640 lbs. or less. If the load exceeds 640 lbs., you will be charged $37.00/ton.

Please note our tarping policy.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

Medications Back to top

Pharmaceutical waste poses a significant environmental risk, especially to our drinking water. Studies conducted throughout the country have uncovered many of these drugs in our drinking water, and the negative effects of these substances on the general population are only now beginning to be studied and understood.

Click here for drop-off locations.

For residents ONLY! No clinic, hospital or business disposal.

Empty all pills into a sandwich sized, sealable bag.
Keep all liquids, creams and powders in original containers.
Recycle empty pill bottles & paper boxes at home.
Discard all plastic caps in the garbage.

Unused/expired prescription medication
Over the counter medication
Pet medications

No sharps, such as needles and syringes
No hazardous or biological waste
No mercury products
No electronics glucose monitoring devices

Learn how to reduce pharmaceutical waste in your home by visiting the Wisconsin DNR website.

Needles/Sharps Back to top


To reduce public health risks such as accidental needle sticks, Wisconsin law requires all citizens to manage needles, lancets and syringes safely. It is illegal to put sharps in your recycling or garbage.

Used and unused sharps must be placed in an acceptable sharps container and taken to a registered collection facility. For current drop-off locations, please check the Wisconsin DNR website or visit Outagamie County Public Health.

Paint Back to top

Latex Paint
Latex paint is not hazardous since it is made from water.  If the ingredient list on the can states that water is present or the directions say to “clean brushes with soap and water”, it is latex paint. Consider donating usable paint to friends, neighbors, theater groups or housing assistance organizations.

Latex paint disposal instructions:
For small amounts: remove the lid and let dry in the can. Stir the paint occasionally to speed dry.
For large amounts: line a box with a plastic bag. Place an absorbent material (kitty litter, sawdust, shredded newspaper) on bottom, pour a layer of paint and repeat as necessary. Dispose of the dried paint and dry cans in the regular trash.

Once the paint and empty cans are dry, dispose of them in the regular garbage.

Oil and Lead Based Paint
If the paint can says oil based, flammable, combustible or “contains petroleum distillates”, it is an oil based paint and requires disposal at a hazardous waste collection. Lead based paints are less common and are noticeably heavier than other paint cans.  These paints should be disposed of at a hazardous waste collection.


Pianos Back to top

We accept Pianos.

$12.00 minimum charge for 640 lbs or less.  If the load exceeds 640 lbs., you will be charged $37.00/ton. 

Please note our tarping policy.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

Plastic Bags Back to top

Plastic bags are NOT accepted through the Outagamie County recycling program. Plastic bags and other film plastics wrap around the sorting equipment and cause maintenance issues.

Click on the picture below to find a local grocery or retail store .



Recreational Items/Vehicles Back to top

We accept Recreational Items/Vehicles including, but not limited to:

Hot Tubs
Mobile Homes

Remove motor, gas and reserve tank. Pull drain plug and remove all liquids. Appliances must be removed before disposal. Septic and water tanks must be empty.

$12.00 minimum charge for 640 lbs. or less. If the load exceeds 640 lbs., you will be charged $37.00/ton.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

Recyclables Back to top

We accept recyclables in our curbside collection program and at our drop-off site, free of charge.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #2.

     Metals Glass_transparent
Cardboard & Paperboard
Cereal & Cracker Boxes
Milk, Juice & Soup Cartons
Newspapers & Inserts
Phonebooks & Books
Magazines & Catalogs
Junk Mail & Office Paper
All Plastic Bottles & Containers:
Soda, Water & Other Drink Bottles
Dairy Containers & Lids
Food & Household Bottles
Jars & Jugs
Produce, Bakery & Deli Containers
Aluminum Bottles & Cans
Empty Aerosol Cans
Steel, Tin & Bi-metal Cans
Food & Beverage Glass Bottles & Jars
No Paper Contaminated
by Food or Grease
No Tissue
No Gift Wrap
No Plastic Bags, Wrap or Film
No Motor Oil Bottles
No Styrofoam
No Aluminum Pans or Foil
No Empty Paint Cans
Cut cardboard to no larger than 2’ x 2’
Place shredded paper in paper bag;
secure and label
Empty & rinse all bottles & containers
Remove and discard all screw caps
Empty & rinse all bottles & containers
Remove and discard all screw caps

Click for Hmong and Spanish Recycling Guidelines.

Scrap Metal Back to top

We accept Scrap Metal including, but not limited to:

Aluminum Siding
Bed Frames
Car Parts (fluids removed)
Cast Iron
Lawn Mowers (fluids removed)
Snow Blower (fluids removed)
Swing Sets

Free of charge

Enter Gate #3.  Use Lane #2.

Smoke Alarms Back to top

Smoke alarms have a 10-year life span. Many alarms contain small amounts of radiation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends returning alarms to the manufacturer for proper disposal. A manufacturer’s address is usually listed on the warranty, the user’s manual or on the original box. Return policies may differ among manufacturers, so calling ahead is suggested.

Click below for information on mail back programs.


If you are unable to use a mail back option, you may throw the alarm in your regular garbage.

Special Waste Back to top

Certain materials require special handling and/or special disposal methods. A material may be considered special waste due its concentration, or physical, chemical, or biological characteristics.

Special Waste includes, but is not limited to:

Auto Shredder Fluff
Contaminated Soils
Foundry Sand
Incinerator Ash
Municipal and Domestic Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludges
Pit Waste/Cleanout
Septic Tank Pumpings

A special waste application along with analytical testing is required prior to disposal of these wastes.

Contact us for additional information or to request a special waste application.

Tanks and Cylinders Back to top

We accept ONLY the following Empty tanks and cylinders:

1 lb. Propane cylinders – free of charge
20 lb. Propane tanks – $5.00 each
20 lb. Helium tanks – $5.00 each 
Refillable Freon cylinders –  $5.00 each 

Tanks and cylinders must be empty.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

For disposal of other types of tanks or cylinders, please contact the manufacturer listed on the tank, near the valve. 

Tires Back to top

We accept the following:

Tires 18″ or smaller – $3.00 each
Tires 19″ or larger – $5.00 each
5 or more tires – $175.00/ton

Rims are allowed.

Please note our tarping policy.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

Bike tires, cow mats, shredded tires, chained tires, snowmobile/ATV tracks may be disposed of in your regular garbage.

Waste Oil/Oil Filters Back to top

Used oil is a valuable, reusable material. Used oil and filters brought to a collection site will be recycled and re-refined into clean motor oil or used as an alternative energy source.

We accept used engine oil and filters from households ONLY at any of our drop-off sites.
Business or factory farm waste oil & filters are NOT accepted.

Use a dirt-free container with a leak-proof lid.
Do not use containers that previously held household chemicals, such as cleaners, solvents, fuel (gasoline), paint or bleach.
Do not mix with solvents or other material such as anti-freeze.  Mixed oils are considered hazardous waste.
Free of Charge.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #2.

Wood Waste Back to top

We accept Wood Waste including, but not limited to:

Dimensional Lumber (2 x 4’s, 2 x 6’s etc)
Particle Board
Wooden Crates/Boxes

$12.00 minimum charge for 640 lbs. or less. If the load exceeds 640 lbs., you will be charged $22.00/ton.

Please note our tarping policy.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.

Yard Waste Back to top

Yard waste has been banned from landfill disposal since the early 1990’s.  Certain plants classified by the DNR as invasive species need to be separated from other yard materials.

We accept Yard Waste including, but not limited to:

Branches – less than 6” diameter
Grass Clippings
$12.00 minimum charge for 1,200 lbs. or less. If the load exceeds 1,200 lbs., you will be charged $22.00/ton.

Clean Dirt/Soil
Invasive Plant Species

$12.00 minimum charge for 640 lbs. or less. If the load exceeds 640 lbs., you will be charged $37.00/ton.

Please note our tarping policy.

Enter Gate #3. Use Lane #1.