2020 Disposal Rates




Garbage (household, commercial, business)

$ 42.00Per Ton

Construction & Demolition Waste

(Drywall, toilets/sinks, vinyl siding, windows, treated/stained/painted wood)

$ 42.00Per Ton


(asphalt, brick & base, concrete, granite, gravel, pavers, stone/rock)

$ 5.00Per Ton

Asphalt Shingles

No cedar shake, wood, metal, siding, household garbage

$   42.00Per Ton

Yard Waste

(brush, grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs < 6” diameter, straw/hay)

No household garbage, plastic bags, dirt

$   28.00Per Ton

Wood Waste

(New construction wood waste – NO treated/stained/painted wood)

No railroad ties/spikes, lag bolts, door knobs

$   42.00Per Ton

Non-Freon Appliances

(dryer, microwave, stove, washer, water heater)

$   18.00Each

Freon Appliances

(A/C, dehumidifier, bubbler, freezer, refrigerator, water cooler)

$   18.00Each
Tires – 18″ or smaller$   4.00Each
Tires – 19″ or larger$   6.00Each
Tires – 5 or more$ 200.00Per Ton
Fluorescent Bulbs – 4 ft. or smaller / Compact Fluorescent (Households Only)$   0.50Each
Fluorescent Bulbs – 8 ft. or longer / (Households Only)$   1.00Each


(31″ or smaller)

$   20.00Each


(32” or larger)

$   40.00Each
Computer Tower, Laptop, Printer/Scanner/Fax Machine$   5.00Each
DVD/VCR, Video Player, Cable Box, Keyboard/Speakers/Cords, Cell PhonesFree
Propane Tank – 20lb. (empty)$   5.00Each
Propane Tank – 1lb. (empty)Free
Waste Oil/Filters (General Public Only / 10 Gal Maximum)Free


(rechargeable, vehicle)

Clean Soil/Dirt$   42.00Per Ton
Sod$   42.00Per Ton

Contaminated Waste

Call (920) 832-4711 for disposal instructions

Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge

Rates may be adjusted based upon analytical review

$   42.00

$ 65.00
Per Ton

Per Ton

Non-Friable Asbestos

Call (920) 832-5004 for disposal instructions

$   70.00

$ 30.00 min. charge

Per Ton


Friable Asbestos

Call (920) 832-5004 for disposal instructions

$   370.00

$ 30.00 min. charge

Per Ton


All weighed vehicles over 720 lbs. are prorated at $42/Ton with a $15.00 minimum charge

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2021 Disposal Rates

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